Yamaha XJR1300 Racer

I’m twelve months into my fling with the big Yam. I’ve been asked by many why I chose to chop the Tracer in for a bike heavier, slower, and more thirsty. It doesn’t have ABS or traction control. Christ, it doesn’t even have water cooling. The fuel tank has the capacity of a squirrels scrotum and the back tyre spins like Boris Johnson’s PA when dealing with Wales’ number one export… pissing rain. You don’t so much pick your line and aim for the apex as much as planning it a week in advance. So why do I love this bike more than pantheon of sports bikes that have gone before. It’s difficult to  put it into words. I suppose that it’s a little like being married to a vacuous Kardashian only to meet Ness from Gavin and Stacey in a layby on the A470 for shits and giggles… The XJR is quite frankly a real motorcycle. The torque is astonishing and baffle-free Akrapovic cans take you back to an era when Ogri was still considered PC. To be honest, back then even ‘Ain’t Half Hot Mum” was PC and we know what a load of shit that was. I took the big Yam to the NW200 last year with three very competent riders on sports tackle for a four day tour (another story). The XJR1300 matched them every step of the way. Even if I did have to stop for petrol… every 100 miles. To conclude, this bike has given me a fresh perspective on the industry-driven quest for new machines. It really doesn’t matter what you ride as long as you love it…  “isn’t that right Ness?”